Team Member Testimonials
When asked recently how they felt about working with Davidson Signature Properties the team members weren't shy about their feelings. Some excerpts from them are quoted in the following statements.

Richie Goodson, Trim & Fireplaces: “With the growth and popularity of Davidson Signature Properties I’ve not only dedicated my work exclusively to one company but have had to expand my team to be able to complete all the details of these great homes on schedule.” There are currently two generations of Goodson’s working with the company.

Rick Franz, Tile and Marble: “I see myself as an artist. Mr. Davidson allows me to use my creativity. I enjoy looking at my completed work with pride. What’s different in a Davidson home is that all the work in the house is done at the same high quality as my tile.”

Patrick Griffeth, Builder: “Davidson Signature Properties is by far the most quality oriented company I’ve ever known. We’ve got the best team and the best subcontractors. Paul Davidson is one of the classiest guys I’ve ever worked for. He strives for excellence and knows it takes more than one man to make a company successful. He’s a high caliber guy with a lot of intelligence and poise. Nothing ever ruffles his feathers. He’s really good with people. Our houses are only as good as our people and subs, and we’ve got the best.”

Michelle Brown, Brown & Co Interiors: I have been working in the design field for about twenty years. And have worked with more than 40 building companies, I currently have 11 company’s that I work with, but Paul Davidson’s is by far one of Georgia’s leaders in new home construction. He has put together one of the best teams to help your building experiences be the best. Not only will you end up with a beautiful and well built home but you will have made new friends and enjoyed every step of the process. Superb company!

Paolo Delao, Framing: I’m very grateful that Paul gave me an opportunity to have and grow my own company. It’s been a partnership. We work together on new plans and designs to determine what works best structurally. We also try to find a way to satisfy our customers change orders and requests without compromising the strength and design of the project. I’ve learned a lot from Paul and I enjoy learning more every day. With new products and ever changing building codes I’ve got to constantly upgrade my knowledge base. With the mutual respect we have for each other throughout the team I wouldn’t leave Paul or Davidson Signature Properties for anything.

Continuing the interviews with other members of the team clearly showed great and positive solidarity. Make no mistake about it, this is a dedicated group of professionals working with pride.